An extremely user-friendly board which works well for cruising, playing in the waves or as your first SUP board. It features a generous wide outline for stability with plenty of volume for flotation with a lot of rocker curve and tail kick for manoeuvrebility. This is the perfect board for a family of riders of different ages and abilities.

A freeride crossover board with effortless glide and great directional tracking. Designed with a wide mid to back outline for stability and plenty of volume for flotation. The boxy tail gives the board superb water release and allows the board to turn quickly. A great all round board.

The 11’2 x 32” provides great glide and stability. The generous volume allows paddling with extra luggage or children aboard . It is super light and stiff which benefits quick acceleration and speed. Great tracking and stability which makes it ideal for long distance paddling and touring.


Length Width Thickness Volume
10' / 305cm 34'' / 86cm 4,75'' / 12cm 230L
10'6 / 323cm 33'' / 84cm 4,75'' / 12cm 250L
11'2 / 341cm 32'' / 81cm 6'' / 15cm 270L


Oukai´s inflatable paddle boards are manufactured with super-strong high-density drop-stitch material and re-inforced with double wall PVC rails. This provides a strong, durable and stiff construction. The two outer layers of coated PVC are connected by thousands of thin but strong internal threads which allow the board to hold the shape when inflated to high pressure ( up to 15 psi ). The double wall rails give the board a unique stiffness, it also eliminates the risk of puncture or material failure. This allows you to use the board with total confidence.

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